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Ein Game Jam ist eine Veranstaltung, bei der die Teilnehmer versuchen einen Computerspiel-Prototypen in extrem kurzer Zeit zu machen.


"Jam" is a reference to musicial jam sessions. Similarly, the goal with a "game jam" is to come together and make a videogame, or a non-digital (analog) game like a board game or card game. Most game jams take place over the course of a weekend—24 to 72 hours is a typical length for a game jam, and they can take place online or in person. "Heimat jam" is completely online and takes place over three days. Jams usually have a theme, may have team restrictions, and sometimes can include a competition with voting, but overall the idea is to create a functional game or prototype in a short length of time. Once the jam is over, all entries will be uploaded on our website.

We will not accept any games that:


  • have pornographic content
  • glorify political violence or violence against specific groups of people
  • are demeaning towards particular ethnic groups or portray them in a dehumanizing form
  • have national socialist or other politically extremist content
  • have any sort of illegal content

This will be a purely online jam. If you want to participate, you need to register on this site. Don't worry, you don't have to give any more personal info than your e-mail address. You will then get an e-mail with all the details in time before the jam starts.

You might not! That’s okay. Terrible games are also completely fine! We encourage you to submit anyway. You should adopt an "easy come, easy go"-mentality:


You only work on this game for a few days and then you're done with it. If it turns out great, you may want to keep working on it, if not, you have learned something. Wethere it's a success or a failure The goal is that by the end of the period, you will have learned a useful skill in some area of game design. Even better, you just might have a really cool prototype that people would love to play.

That is entirely up to you - Desktop, browser, mobile or even mods for existing games are all fine.

Here is a list of texts and video tutorials on what to think about when participating in a game jam. Most of these are geared towards jams taking place at a physical location, but most of it is applicable to an online jam like this one as well.

Brainstorming, planning, and outlining before the jam starts is completely fine! However, actual game assets should be created within the jam timeframe and of course the game must fit the theme which will only be announced by the start of the game.

The amount of time you put into your game is entirely up to you, so yes. Keep in mind that if you’re on a limited schedule, you may want to make something proportionate to the time you’re able to spend making it. If you’re a very busy person, don’t make something big— instead, aim small.

If you have any further questions, send us an e-mail to info@heimat-jam.de